Not exactly a blog, but worth reading!

A website on NZ womens rugby. With authors like Farrah Palmer in their ranks, this really gives good insight to their work and the obstacles that even the best national side of the world has to face.
A recommended read!

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2 Antworten auf “Not exactly a blog, but worth reading!”

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Rugby Vila da Moita (rvmformação) 24. Dezember 2010 um 2:24 Uhr

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    From Portugal…
    The RVM Training Blog is a supplement to the official website of Rugby Vila da Moita.
    It is intended as a space for youth level of RVM.
    Sub18, Sub16, Sub14, Sub10, Sub8.
    Here we put the information pertaining to registration, documentation, equipment, schedules, drills, games.
    It is intended that this space is an interconnection of the athletes, their families and the RVM

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Miguel Ángel Jimeno 13. Januar 2011 um 1:54 Uhr

    Rugby is a sport indissolubly joined the beer (the reason for the third time). There are a very few beermats with topics of rugby. I invite you to see it in and to add new beermats, comments and suggestions. I will include, in the future, some beermats that I like though it is not of rugby

    Miguel Ángel Jimeno

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