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The name says it all: „Rugbyblogger“

The Rugbyblogger from Brühl (which is a suburb to Cologne) has a nice down-to-earth attitude towards the domestic game.
Which is something I like. So I recommend him to all of you able to understand the German language.

One from the ‚hood!

Although John chose an URL that has some similarities to this: nice Blog from Italy (and gave me the oppotunity to include Fiores Blog here), he has quite a different approach. Or has he?
Well at least the focus is on German Rugby, which seems to be a strange topic for an Irishman – but as it’s also the corner of the rugby world I sit in, it’s highly appreciated.

U.E.Santboiana Foto Blog:

There’s something about the name of this blog: in German, the word „forenspacko“ (yeah, you need a ‚k‘ here)
means something like „bulletin board jerk“, which is something like a troll, but trolling more out of sheer stupidity than out of evilness.
So i have to laugh everytime i see this blogs URI.
Apart from that, it’s really a nice blog with loads of fine pictures.

Coyotes Rugby UTEM

spanish isn‘t exactly my language, but i do like the pictures. it’s from chile, i guess.

Letchworth Girls Rugby

One of my all-time faves.
A blog not only on girls rugby but also a good example of working successfully with girls in rugby.
No wonder they won the 2007 RFU President’s XV Awards in the Category of Modernisation.

Rugby Pavia

Blog of CUS Pavia Rugby Club. Pavia is an university town near Milano.

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