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The name says it all: „Rugbyblogger“

The Rugbyblogger from Brühl (which is a suburb to Cologne) has a nice down-to-earth attitude towards the domestic game.
Which is something I like. So I recommend him to all of you able to understand the German language.

One from the ‚hood!

Although John chose an URL that has some similarities to this: nice Blog from Italy (and gave me the oppotunity to include Fiores Blog here), he has quite a different approach. Or has he?
Well at least the focus is on German Rugby, which seems to be a strange topic for an Irishman – but as it’s also the corner of the rugby world I sit in, it’s highly appreciated.

Scarlet Fever

A bunch of Llanelli Scarlets fans are bloggin‘ around in this one…

Rugby Pioneers

This guy is a collector and he collects old ads, postcards etc that are related to rugby.
He digs up quite impressive stuff and his blog is always worth a visit.

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