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And another one from South America:

This time it’s Brazil, Rugby Femenino do Brazil to be exact, and brought to my attention by the wonderful „Scrum Queens“ Website. Although my Portuguese is a bit „rusty“, I enjoyed reading it.

And another one from Colombia:
This is women’s rugby and genral chatter, I guess, as Spanish is on my „able to order Beer and some food“ list of lingos.
But: I like Blogs with loooong articles and I just wish I‘d understand more than that they went to Rome and some French guy came to Colombia…

One from the ‚hood!

Although John chose an URL that has some similarities to this: nice Blog from Italy (and gave me the oppotunity to include Fiores Blog here), he has quite a different approach. Or has he?
Well at least the focus is on German Rugby, which seems to be a strange topic for an Irishman – but as it’s also the corner of the rugby world I sit in, it’s highly appreciated.

Another of these languages i don‘t understand…

A swedish womens rugby blog:
(i guess it’s from the captain of the swedish team)

Colombia, of all places!

I was looking around to find some info on one of our new players, and found this:
Still my spanish is very rudimentary, but it seems do be a fairly good website/blog.

semi-OT: Rugby Togo (not to go, as in coffee)
Not a weblog, but a pretty good website of the togolese federation, esp if you compare it to other african nations.
Well worth a visit.

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