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Eu fala o portugues! Thank dog, so i can read this blog!

All you ever wanted to know about the Lobas and nice pics as well!

Ooops! Another womens rugby blog!

Unfortunately it seems to be entirely in Swedish… Well the, maybe i ask my friend J. for a brief translation…

Finally, a new women’s rugby blog! from a Rice Uni player.
Looks good, i like the „down to earth“ approach.

Not exactly a blog, but worth reading!

A website on NZ womens rugby. With authors like Farrah Palmer in their ranks, this really gives good insight to their work and the obstacles that even the best national side of the world has to face.
A recommended read!

The only blogger in the village…

Welsh womensrugby blog with an attitude, exactly what I like! You should like it too!

And another one from South America:

This time it’s Brazil, Rugby Femenino do Brazil to be exact, and brought to my attention by the wonderful „Scrum Queens“ Website. Although my Portuguese is a bit „rusty“, I enjoyed reading it.

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