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Womens Rugby in Serbia

Before i first read about the Krusevac 7s in Fira-Forum, i never heard about womensrugby in Serbia.
And i thought, oh well, let’s see how long the euphoria will last.
Well, by now the Krusevac 7s has „grown roots“ and so has serbian womensrugby.
And to prove it, they started this blog:

Unfortunately for the non-serbian reader, most of the entries are in serbian, which i don‘t understand a single bit of….
But the pictures are nice and maybe one day i‘ll be able to go to serbia and maybe even learn some of the language (very unlikely)…
As for now, thumbs up for the serbian girls, keep on ruggin‘!

OT: wake-up call

unfortunately, is still in sabbatical mode.
although there are other fine blogs like your scrumhalf connection or womens rugby review, the holistic approach (i had to look holistic up, haha) of saturday, rugby day is something i really miss. in fact, this blog was the only (womensrugby-)site i visited daily since fell into a coma.
so, please blondie, wake up! your readers start to get nervous!

U.E.Santboiana Foto Blog:

There’s something about the name of this blog: in German, the word „forenspacko“ (yeah, you need a ‚k‘ here)
means something like „bulletin board jerk“, which is something like a troll, but trolling more out of sheer stupidity than out of evilness.
So i have to laugh everytime i see this blogs URI.
Apart from that, it’s really a nice blog with loads of fine pictures.

OT: Coach wanted

The German Womens Rugby Board is looking for a 7s Coach. You should have an A-License and previous experience in coaching womens teams and of course be highly motivated to further develop the womens game. Please apply ASAP, as the first big issue is the first stage of ENC at the end of May.
Send your application to:

Rugby Guatemala

more than „just“ a blog, this site keeps the keen reader informed about everything concerning guatemalteke rugby. like, that something like guatemalteke rugby exists.
i guess i have to work on my spanish a bit with all those middle- and south american blogs popping up.
i really, really like the looks of this site, which comes as no wonder, it being made on a mac ;-)

Rugby Actualidad

i found this one via flickr. always has great pics.

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